We offer appeal services, teach legal courses for non-lawyer professionals and draft legislation for the public and private sectors.

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Public authorities that hear appeals or make original decisions relating to permits, licences, approvals and the like have to comply not only with the text of the relevant legislation but also numerous other principles and rules that cut across many subject-matters. These rules and principles are often not replicated in the statutes and can be very complex. What we do is identify those principles and rules as they relate specifically to the client’s case and carefully craft appropriate representations. That way the authority concerned is made fully aware of the issues it needs to address so that the client is not unjustly denied of their rights.


Non-lawyer professionals invariably need to know some aspects of the law so that they can readily identify areas that may result in disputes. They need to understand the basics of interpreting statutes and how to find what they are looking for in any statute. And for those who would like to propose legislation, or routinely propose legislation, or will one day propose legislation, they need to know how the legislative process in government works. They also need to know what issues to address so that they can better control the content of the resultant legislation. Needless to say, in today’s world, writing in plain English is an asset whether one is dealing with legislative drafting or other kinds of writing. We have 1 and 2 day courses to address all these areas.

Legislative Drafting

There is a world-wide shortage of persons who are specialized in writing legislation. Thus, governments sometimes resort to persons who are not experts in the field, often with mixed results. We use our extensive professional experience in governments and as consultants to help you develop and document your legislative proposals, as well as draft legislation in plain language. Because of this knowledge and experience and our understanding of government processes and styles, we are able to draft legislation that any government legislative counsel is likely to approve without much difficulty, thereby drastically reducing the time it takes from proposal to enactment and finally implementation of the legislation.

We Guarantee You a High Level of Professionalism with respect to Appeals, Courses, Legislative Drafting

When you ask us to assist you in an appeal, we try to ensure that your matter is settled early through bringing to the public authority concerned the relevant rules and principles, so that you do not have to resort to costly traditional methods of dispute settlement unless it is absolutely necessary.

Our courses are tailored to the Cayman Islands or the particular jurisdiction in which we are conducting a course. This makes our courses more directly relevant to participants than courses based on foreign systems that do not deal with local laws and practices. And because the courses are taught in 1 or 2 days, professionals are exposed to content that they would only encounter if they enrolled in a degree course or other qualification that required a long period of training.

With appropriate subject-matter expertise from the client, if necessary, we can draft legislation on any subject-matter.

Our Clients Come First

Our mission is to ensure that:

  • In handling your appeals or original applications, we address all the issues that are likely to arise in any forum.
  • With respect to courses, we aim to equip non-lawyer professionals with the basic legal and legislative skills necessary to to supplement their core competences and communicate intelligently with lawyers.
  • In the area of legislative drafting, we aim to assist governments and private sector entities propose legislation that is conceptually and editorially sound, and to produce such legislation in the shortest possible time.

We Promise You the Best Professional Service

We are constantly updating our knowledge in the areas of operation, keeping abreast of developments, sometimes participating in advocating for certain positions at the international level and writing in peer-reviewed journals.