Plain English

Writing in Plain English

What the course is about
If you are:

  • Someone who wishes to acquire word-handling skills necessary to write any document (legislation, a legal document, a thesis, report, brochure, guidance material, letter or other writing) in clear language with a modern flare, without having to cram grammatical rules
  • Someone who reviews legislation or any other kind of document within your organization

this is the course for you.

What will be covered?
The plain English movement
Avoiding ambiguity
Problematic words
Contextual ambiguity
Ambiguity in general
Ambiguous modification
Date, age, time
Other matters
Gender neutral writing
Basic legislative drafting
Other matters

A generous take-away binder of materials (some from materials published by the facilitator) will be given.

For whom it is designed 
Professionals in all fields requiring clear written communication.

Facilitator for the course
The course is taught by Mr. Bilika H. Simamba, who has taught legal drafting in Europe and has been an advocate of plain English writing in legislation and other kinds of written word for many years. He has training in law from the UK, Canada and Zambia, with over 10 years’ experience in the Cayman Islands and over 35 years’ experience overall in law and legislative drafting in the Commonwealth. He has published in legislative drafting and law in general in peer-reviewed journals in the UK, South Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Bilika has a Master of Laws with emphasis on constitutional law and another specifically on legislation. He has also taught constitutional law in the Caribbean and Africa.

Duration, fees
2 days, 14 contact hours. CI 1, 200.00 per participant, if conducted in Cayman. Subject to variation for other jurisdictions. Rebates possible depending on numbers registering.

How offered
Currently this course is offered only to requesting institutions.

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Photo used under Creative Commons from wuestenigel