Interpreting Statutes

Interpreting Statutes

What the course is about
If you are:

  • Someone who wishes to know the way courts and legal advisers approach issues relating to the interpretation of statutes
  • A public servant or person in the private sector who wishes to acquire or sharpen your skills in reviewing draft legislation

What will be covered?
The modern approach to statutory interpretation
​Interpretation of subordinate legislation
How new laws affect existing rights
Rules relating to retrospective legislation
What you do when international law conflicts with Cayman law
What you do when a statute seems to have a mistake
How you ascertain the intention of the Legislative Assembly
Extent to which the Legislative Assembly is supreme
Relationship between the Constitution and UK law
Cayman and UK case law relating to the above
Other issues

A generous take-away binder of materials (including some published by the facilitator) will be given.

For whom it is designed
Any person who will ever apply to a government or quasi-government body for anything that can be granted or refused under express or implied powers under legislation
Cabinet Ministers, Councillors, other MLAs
Chief Officers and their deputies
Heads of Department and their deputies
Policy advisors
Other senior civil servants
Senior public servants in statutory corporations
Members of statutory bodies
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

The facilitator for the course
The course is taught by Mr. Bilika H. Simamba, who has training in law from the UK, Canada and Zambia, with over 10 years’ experience in the Cayman Islands and over 35 years’ experience overall in law and legislative drafting in the Commonwealth. He has published in legislative drafting and law in general in peer reviewed journals in the UK, South Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Bilika has a Master of Laws with emphasis on constitutional law and another specifically on legislation. He has also taught constitutional law in the Caribbean and Africa. 

Duration, fees
1 day, 7 contact hours. CI 650.00 per participant, if conducted in Cayman. Subject to variation for other jurisdictions. Rebates possible depending on numbers registering.

How offered
Currently this course is offered only to requesting institutions.

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Photo used under Creative Commons from john.gillespie