Spectrum Consulting Ltd. is an undertaking designed to offer three mains kinds of service:

  • First, where a person or entity is dissatisfied with a decision of any public authority such as an Immigration Board, Civil Service Appeals Commission, Labour Tribunal or other authority or person, we craft a persuasive appeal aimed at eliciting a favourable decision. Where a client is ready to submit an original application and has already prepared the application, we review the application to ensure that it covers all relevant matters with the aim of enhancing the chances of success at the first time of asking.
  • Second, we offer a number of courses in areas of legislative process, interpretation of statutes, navigation of statutes, writing cabinet papers and writing in plain English. 
  • Third, we draft legislation for governments and private sector entities and carry out any incidental work, such as facilitating the consultation of stakeholders.

Established in 2017

Spectrum Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2017 in the Cayman Islands. Bili (pronounced Billy) has exposure to the work of the company by way of experience or study in the UK, Canada, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Guyana and Zambia. Following decades of experience advising on issues relating to appeals to public bodies,  the company was established to offer his expertise to the wider public.

After leaving the Cayman Portfolio of Legal Affairs in 2015 as Senior Legislative Counsel, Bili taught some of his courses through another entity. Following the positive assessments by participants on those courses, the company was established to provide a more permanent forum for offering those services to the public. Bili’s expertise on appeals has also been brought to bear on the courses he teaches.


Our goal:

  • In relation to appeals and original applications to public bodies, we try to ensure that all matters that likely to result in a favourable outcome are addressed emphatically and felicitously to minimize expense and fuss.
  • With respect to our courses, we aim to impart to non-lawyer professionals a selected number of courses that will allow them to understand more fully the context of their areas of operation.
  • Finally, we draft legislation to international standards, using our extensive experience drafting such legislation both in government and in the private sector.  ​In this process, we aim, subject to the client’s instructions, to assist in formulating and refining legislative proposals, highlighting matters that are likely to arise in cabinet, the legislature and in practice.

Principal Consultant

Bilika H. Simamba, LL.B. LL.M (UNZA), LL.M. in Legislation (Ottawa), Advocate of the High Court (Zambia), Attorney at Law (Cayman). Many years ago, Bili (pronounced Billy) also undertook a “Course for Government Legal Officers from Overseas” (Jan-May) under the Ministry of Overseas Development in London, England. Currently he also serves as an on-line instructor on the Postgraduate Legislative Drafting Programme of Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada. He also served for 8 years as a member of the Council of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel, representing the Americas. In his law career, spanning about 4 decades, he has worked full-time and as a long-term or short-term consultant for governments in the Caribbean and Africa, on projects for the Commonwealth Secretariat (CFTC), the World Bank and other international organisations. He also has litigation experience. Over the years, he has published in peer-reviewed journals in legislative drafting and other areas of law in the UK, the Caribbean, South Africa and other parts of Africa. Bili has also been a visiting instructor in legal drafting at the Institute of International Development Law in Rome, Italy. He loves playing the guitar and watching sports including soccer, basketball, football, tennis and swimming.

Spectrum Consulting Ltd. is in the process of working out the details of training experienced lawyers to undertake some of the work of the company.

In addition, preparations are being undertaken to engage full-time support staff in future, but currently we engage private secretarial services, if the client approves.

How We do Our work

  • To ensure that our clients get the appropriate attention, consulting for purposes of appeals and review of applications is by appointment only.
  • With respect to courses, in the past, we have secured an appropriate training venue and related equipment. However, to minimize expenses, some clients have preferred to provide these themselves.
  • With respect to the drafting of legislation, we work with the client institution to undertake relevant consultative processes, as necessary, before we prepare a first and then a final draft.