We identify those principles and rules as they relate specifically to the client’s case and carefully craft appropriate appeals.

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Spectrum Consultants Ltd. offer a variety of courses that help you gain a clearer understand the legislative process.

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Legislative Drafting

We use our extensive experience in working with governments to help you develop and document your legislative proposals, as well as draft legislation.

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Legislative Process Course

Learn how to control or influence the content of legislation and the process of how proposed legislation is initiated, discussed, drafted, made into law, and comes into force.

Interpreting Statutes

Get to know the way courts and legal advisers approach issues relating to the interpretation of statutes as you acquire or sharpen your skills in reviewing legislation.

Navigating Statutes

Learn how to read laws and regulations to find answers to simple legal issues relating to Laws and regulations or for the better performance of your functions as a public servant.

Writing Cabinet Papers

Learn how to write succinct Cabinet Papers and how to comply with rules surrounding their submission.

Writing in Plain English

Acquire the skills necessary to write any legal document in clear language with a modern flare, without having to cram grammatical rules.  Ideal for someone who reviews legislation or any other kind of document within their organisation.

We also offer private courses to both
Groups and Individuals.

We work with clients to guide them through and assist in
Appeals, Legal Interpretations and Legislative Drafting


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